Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Map Cleans Up

The Map Drawing Clean-up Tools have proven their value long ago. If you are not familiar with them, you should look into what they can do. Such as:

Delete Duplicates
Erase Short Objects
Break Crossing Objects
Extend Undershoots (lines that end short of a crossing object)
Apparent Intersection
Snap Clustered Nodes (snaps endpoints together)
Dissolve Pseudo-Node (similar to Pedit > Join)
Erase Dangling Objects (deletes objects that are connected at only one end)
Simplify Objects (2D weeding of polylines)
Zero-Length Objects
Weed Polylines (adding and removing vertices of 3D polylines)

The real strength in these tools is the ability to act upon selected objects or the entire drawing at once. It is possible to either mark what needs to be fixed or have the software automatically fix them.

Most of the above cleanup actions also use a built-in user definable tolerance value in order to additionally specify which objects to adjust and by how much.

These tools are well worth the investment to learn.

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