Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Making Movies

It is simple to make animations within Civil 3D. I have done so with the following steps.

1. Create a 3D Polyline with various methods.
1. Corridors > Export > Corridor Feature Line as Polyline (Creates a 3D Polyline)

2. Edit the newly created 3D Polyline (this will be used as the path for the Camera. I tend to raise or lower it depending upon my intention)
3. General > Camera > Add Camera (attach it to end of Pline)
4. General > Camera > Create Video (Very simple to use. See image. Press "Help" button for specifics)(Select a Path & Target. Etc.)
5. Press OK button
6. Name and Select location for animation
7. Select Compressor (I like the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec if available)
8. It prompts if " wish to play the video now?"

That is all it takes.

Note: If you learned to make a movie from this post, I would be honored if you would share it with me. send to:

angelatketivtechdotcom (Re-formatted for spam reasons). Some may be to large to email.

Spielberg beware.


Scott said...

I'll bring some video created by Michael Hulme ( with me to AU - you NEED to see these!

scott mceachron

Angel Espinoza said...

Thanks Scott. The "Latest Simulation Examples" found on the Home Page are spectacular! I am looking forward to it.