Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Ribbon's Length

I wanted to begin discussion about Civil 3D 2010 with a brief one regarding "The Ribbon". The Ribbon is a new user interface that provides a consistent look and feel for users across various products. Civil 3D 2009 had the AutoCAD 2009 ribbon (off by default), with no Civil 3D commands available on it.

The New Civil 3D 2010 ribbon contains a combination of Civil 3D commands and AutoCAD commands co-mingled to provide very logic groupings of these commands on Panels visible by selecting various Tabs. The Map commands are also available on a different workspace. There are quite a few YouTube Videos about the ribbon available for viewing already.

Today, I wanted to point out something that my co-worker Jerry Bartels mentioned during last Friday's Civil 3D webcast. That is that the Ribbon's appearance will change depending upon the resolution (or whether the application is maximized or unmaximized). Below is the ribbon I see by default when my screen resolution is set to my typical maximum resolution of 1400 x 1050.

Notice that some of the icons have desriptive text that assist with the identification of the proper button/command.

Next is the ribbon when my screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768 (I often project at this resolution).

Notice that there are fewer descriptive text. Some will see this and may be challenged to find things as fast as those that have more of the descriptive text.

That is all I wanted to point out today.

Be Better! ...find the best resolution for yourself.


Summer said...

If you are familiar with the C3D Ribbon interface, I'm sure you can find the right button very quickly even if the Ribbon has short length

Angel Espinoza said...

I agree with you Summer. I like the ribbon. The few brief delays are far made up for by the immediate access to the appropriate commands.

I wanted to point out to those that may see less text that this may be by their own configuration and not a limitation of the software.

Thanks for the comment!