Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uncover the Mask

I received an inquiry and a comment today pertaining to Civil 3D 2010 and the new setting possible to only mask the contour line with contour labels.

This breif video explains what is now possible.

Be Better! ...Hide only what should be hidden.


Jonathan said...

Thanks Angel - this was helpful.

Anonymous said...


More importantly: By using this method when the surface and label are exploded there is no mask leftover, the contour line art is actually trimmed to where the mask originally was.

This was a major gripe of mine, previously you had to delete the mask and manually trim each line to the label text otherwise put up with a line through the text or a mask creating black blobs on every plot from AutoCAD Vanilla.

Someone up there is listening to me : )


Anonymous said...

Great tip Angel. Thanks.

And if you always want the labels to mask only contours you can set the Label Mask Type at the Surface collection level instead of doing overrides in the command settings.

Paul Szymanski said...


You always have great tips! Thanks for the help.