Thursday, June 16, 2005

C3 - Civil CADD Consortium

There is a group of Southern California civil engineering companies that have organized in order to better serve their own co-workers/users and ultimately their clients. This group is the "Civil CADD Consortium". The slogan is "Promoting Civil Engineering Excellence Through Collaboration".

The main idea is that Local Office and Corporate Level CADD MANAGERS from different companies, large and small, meet and share their experiences and challenges with one another. The collaborative nature of this group is very genuine and profound.

Needless to say this group has gained Autodesk's ear. This is the "AUGI" for the Civil Engineering community of Southern California.

If there are similar organizations in your area I encourage you to look into them. Aside from the obvious business networking benefits. The ability to develop friendships with people in similar roles is both gratifying and worthwhile.

I mention this group for two reasons...

1. Today on the agenda is an in-depth review/analysis of Civil 3D 2006

2. More importantly, I have the good fortune of being a member of this group. I wish to thank each and every one of them for their contributions to the group.


James Maeding said...

are you in the C3 group that Joanne Diaz is in? - with Gene and Donny from H&A? I am the H&A Irvine office Cad Manager and would like to meet you some time. I have done lots of LDT customization and have some questions about Civil 3D...

Angel Espinoza said...

Yes I am a part of the same group. Feel free to contact me:

angel at ketivtech dot com