Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Part Swapping vs Part Sizing

A user had recently asked me how to modify an existing pipe in order to make it's diameter larger. As with most modifications there are several potential methods to accomplish the desired results.

Two terms did come to mind as potential processes to use.

The first was Part Swapping. This allows the user to swap a pipe with another type of pipe and/or size as needed. To do so you...

1. Select the pipe to be edited.
2. Right-Click
3. Pick "Swap Part..."
4. Choose new part and/or size from "Swap Part Size" Dialog Box and Press OK button.

The second term is Part Sizing. To accomplish this you must...

1. Select the pipe to be edited.
2. Grab the triangular grip near the midpoint of pipe.
3. Drag grip, or type new diameter and press enter, to size the pipe.

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