Monday, January 23, 2006

Change of Wedding Location

No, this has nothing to do with any nuptials. This is also not directly related to the use of Civil 3D. But, anyone who has visited the Autodesk Civil 3D Discussion Group has probably seen or even been the recipient of James Wedding's advice.

It turns out that after about nine years in engineering production in Dallas, Texas, James is leaving to partner with Mark Scacco at Engineered Efficiency, Inc. Where in the past, his focus had to be Jones & Boyd first, Civil 3D Community second (well, maybe not second). It seems that the entire Civil 3D Community will get to benefit from more of James' attention.

It seems to already be evident in the current disscusion group threads that James is able to provide more needed useful advice.

Lastly his signature links to It will be interesting to find out what this site will ultimately contain (you can vote if you wish. Click on title of this post above to get to the site).

1 comment:

James Wedding, P.E. said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Angel! I hope we can offer something of value to C3D users, and that you and I can work together more now that I'm flying free.

See you soon!