Friday, December 01, 2006

AU2006 What Myths and Legends are made of

I am about to go down to attend my final class. Once the three classes that I gave earlier in the week were over I started attending everything that I could. I mean everything.

There is so much to see, do, learn, listen, touch, play with, try, eat, and drink at Autodesk University it can literally make your head spin.

I intend to post a more formal recap at a later point. Preferably, not from a hotel room. I will have lots of thoughts to share in the coming days and weeks.

Some of the stories of this year's activities, I am sure, will go in to annuls of Autodesk lore. Some occured at the ISD Industry Reception on Wednesday evening at TOA in the Venetian (What a place by the way!). Some may remember. Sadly, others I am sure, will not.

Either way it has been an incredible time!


jpostlewait said...

Missed the U C They C.
Course I didn't see much except the bottom of a glass.;-)
Happy to finally meet.

Anonymous said...