Monday, January 24, 2005

Free VBA Gold

James Wedding P.E. is highly respected in Land Desktop and Civil 3D user circles. He taught at Autodesk University. He also just presented the January 21st Civil 3D webcast.

James has posted on the Civil 3D Discussion Group a VBA app that has three very worth while capabilities. They are called "SetPoints", "PointsToSurface", and "AlignStyleChange2"

"SetPoints" allows you to set points in plan view based on an elevational difference from a profile. Many users have used similar tools to set lot elevations based on centerline profiles.

"PointsToSurface" allows you to select a Point Group and a Surface. It then modifies the points to reflect their elevation on the surface.

"AlignStyleChange2" allows you to change one or many alignments' styles at once.

Together the 3 tools are very useful in enhancing Civil 3D. I highly recommend you download and try them out. The specific thread is titled "C3D Webcast DVB File". For anyone wishing to explore VBA they can be very helpful in understanding some of the basic procedures.

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Thank you James!

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the AlignStyleChange routine was written before I figured out that there was a mechanism in Prospector to do exactly the same thing. The trick is to highlight the desired alignments (or surfaces, or parcels, whatever,) and right-click on the column header in the Prospector table view, and select Edit. This lets you change many objects at once.

I demoed the routine to Chakri Gavini of Manchester, and he simply said, "Why not this?" and showed me the trick above.

Please feel free to use that code as you see fit, but if you expand it, I'd like to a copy for my own education! Thanks, JW