Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Civil 3D Demonstration

We held a seminar today focusing on the 2006 family of products, with a distinct focus on Civil 3D 2006. One of the moments that I felt was most impactful for the typical Land Desktop user was when we showed how very easy it was to transfer their Land Desktop project data into Civil 3D 2006 and then after working with that data getting that information back into Land Desktop. The ease with which this is accomplished was surprising to many.

I have in the past made reference to the Land XML capability to do this, and the fact that both Civil 3D and LDt can read data directly from the other. Certainly, Civil 3D offers many quicker easier ways of doing things. But, this groups saw that their existing data can be used instantly. Also they saw that they can learn portions of Civil 3D and use this to supplement their existing capabilities.

Most saw that it is not necessary to learn the ENTIRE package (Civil 3D) in order to improve efficiency and profitability.

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