Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Put It In Reverse

Someone had recently asked in the discussion groups if it was possible to reverse the direction of an alignment in Civil 3D. Dave Simeone, the Autodesk Civil 3D Product Manager, replied that in Civil 3D 2006 it will be possible.

From the Alignment menu, we choose "Reverse Alignment Direction." We are then prompted to...

Select an alignment {or press enter key to select from list}:

Once we select the alignment we will receive a warning message that states:

Warning! Reversing the alignment will remove all station equations, design speeds, superelevation data, and may adversely affect objects and data already created from the alignment.

After we press the OK button on the warning the alignment will be reversed.

Clearly, this works best very early in the design process. If we have profiles, sections, sample lines, corridors and superelevation data already generated from the alignment this can be problematic.

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