Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Map 3D 2006 & Raster Design 2006

Today in Orlando my time was spent looking at Map 3D 2006 and Raster Design 2006. Both of these products have some pretty good improvements. My favorite for each was:

Map 3D 2006: The ability to to automatically create links between objects with object data and database table records. This was VERY easy to use!

Raster Design 2006: The TOUCHUP command which is similar to paintbrush. This allows the user to freehand add of remove pixels from a bitonal raster image.

Tommorrow a closer look at Civil 3D 2006.


kalman said...

I have install a beta Map orange Grove version but I can't find "automatically create links" . What name of command is ?

kalman said...

I got it in "Convert object data to database link ". :)
I expected to find it in "generate links ".
it's OK