Monday, September 26, 2005


This is simple. Lets see if you are familiar with it. Most are not.

I often ask users what is the easiest way, straight out of the box, to access the "SAVE" command. Many will reply the "Diskette" icon on the "Standard" ("Civil 3D Standard" in Civil 3D) toolbar, Its tooltip says "Save CTRL+S". This is not the correct answer. They are referring to the Qsave command, verifiable by hovering over the button and reading the button description in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Typically the next answers are the "Save" or "Save As..." commands found on the "File" Pulldown menu. No, these refer to the QSAVE command, once again, and the SAVEAS command respectively.

The only way to initiate the SAVE command is to type it. Why is the SAVE command important? Because it can save you time. I have watched users do a SAVEAS command and type in a new file name. The problem is the they are now in that file with the new name. They then "CLOSE" that file and "OPEN" the original file that they were in.

With the "SAVE" command you can type a new file name, create that file, but you will remain in the original file.

By the way both the "SAVEAS" and "SAVE" commands bring up the "Save Drawing As" dialog box. The only difference is the results.

So, did you know it?

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