Tuesday, September 20, 2005

LandXML Accuracy

I had recently received a LandXML file created in Land Desktop 2006 that was curious in that all of the values were rounded to whole numbers. After a little investigation we found that the creator of the LandXML file unknowingly had the Precision set to zero (0) decimal places for all values when exporting to LandXML.

Prior to exporting to set or review the settings for LandXML in Civil 3D 2006 we should in the "Toolspace" palette, on the "Settings" tab, right-click on the drawing name and select "Edit LandXML Settings..." (See Image).

To do similar in Land Desktop 2006 from the "Projects" menu pulldown select the "Export to LandXML..." command. In the "LandXML Export" dialog box we press the "Data..." button under "Export Options:"

You will see the following dialog box.

If there is one thing that I have learned in this business, that is to "Always Double Check!"

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