Thursday, December 22, 2005

3DDWFPublish and Transparent Surfaces

Here are a couple of things that may brighten someone's Christmas.

First, the 3DDWFPUBLISH command allows us to create a Design Web Format (DWF) file of our three-dimensional models. The process is quick and easy.

Second, in Autodesk DWF Viewer or Autodesk DWF Composer when you look at a 3D DWF you can choose components and either "Hide" them or make them "Transparent". This can be useful when needing to see a pipe network. Just make the surface transparent.

Happy Holidays!


RobiNZ said...

In the latest versions of DWF Viewer and Composer you can also add sections and move elementd for a better view.

See my blog "Slice/dice, de-construct and create DWF's"

Anonymous said...

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Angel Espinoza said...

Thanks Robin. I had not yet created slices. I am sure many will find this useful.

To all, Regarding the anonymous second comment, I am assuming that this is SPAM.