Friday, December 16, 2005

AU Online for Subscription Clients

I do not know if Autodesk Subscription clients have been notified. But, if you have not visited your Subscription Center lately, you may wish to do so. Why?

Autodesk has made available 100 recorded Autodesk University sessions and the complete collection of AU .PDF's to all Subscription clients.

Knowledge without the trip to Orlando.

More Knowledge. More Knowledge. MORE KNOWLEDGE!


Anonymous said...

More knowledge..but how much wisdom?

Angel Espinoza said...

One of the good things about AU is that a major percentage of the instructors are users of these products in a production environment (ie. not Autodesk employees nor resellers). This means that you have a very unbiased, let's get the job done in a profitable manner, point of view. This of course does not imply wisdom. But, it is a view from suscessful users that are willing to share knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you Angel. I had in mind a picture of someone gorging themselves on knowledge and not doing much with it.
You can see the picture of the boy feasting at the table crying out for more food.
There seems to be a lot of information around with lots of people having knowledge but how many are applying the knowledge they have to solve problems. So my comment was really a dig at knowledge hoarders. I whole heartedly agree with your post and have read a number of AU2005 papers that have been very helpful indeed.
It is far easier to follow a trail than blaze one yourself.