Friday, December 30, 2005

Quick Select & Select Similar - Last Post of 2005

In Autodesk Civil 3D 2006 there are a couple of commands available from the right-click (shortcut) menu that I find useful. They are Quick Select (QSELECT) and Select Similar (SELECTSIMILAR).

Quick Select: allows you to use object properties or object types to include objects in a selection set, or to exclude them. In other words, I can search for any property of any object type and select EVERY object that satisfies the search. This is similar to the old filter command.

QSELECT is commonly used in conjuction with the Propeties Palette which would then allow you to modify the objects just selected.

SELECTSIMILAR: To use this command, select a single object, then right-click and choose SELECTSIMILAR this would select ALL objects of the SAME type on the SAME layer.

This likewise, is commonly used with the Properties Palette.

Most of next week I will be out of town providing training and should be back next Friday. Until then have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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