Friday, June 16, 2006

Civil 3D 2007 - 2 New Hot Fixes

Just released 2 NEW hot fixes for 2007 products.

Hotfix - Fatal Error During Save
Hotfix Cut and Paste

The first, very much applies to Civil 3D 2007. Actually, they are the same fix. Which is to download and install the latest version of acdb17.dll.

If your version is less than you need to download and apply the hotfix.

How do you check the version? Find the file in the program root directory, right click and choose Properties. In the acdb17.dll Properties dialog box select the Version tab. The file version will be specified.

I ultimately applied the fix three times:

AutoCAD 2007 (I have a separate install for this program)
Civil 3D 2007 (not needed if SP1 installed)
Land Desktop 2007


Anonymous said...

The hotfixes are actually included in SP1 for C3D.

Angel Espinoza said...

Thank You Anonymous. You are correct the acdb17.dll file was updated (ver. in my Civil 3D.

I only needed to replace it LDt and AutoCAD.