Thursday, June 29, 2006

Civil 3D 2007 - Service Pack 1A Now Available

Service Pack 1A is now available for download. It includes Service Pack 1, plus it addresses additional items.

General - 1 Additional item
Alignment - 1 Additional item
Labels - 2 New items
Pipes - 2 Additional items


Dominick Gallegos said...

Hey buddy you might want to update your post, or let me know if I am wrong. I compared both SP1 and SP1a together and found the ones you called out but I also found 2 more under Pipes and 1 more under Survey. I also posted a note about this on my blog, but check out the one that got removed from Survey. "An issue with saving changes made to Equipment items in Survey Toolspace Item View has been resolved". It was there in SP1 but not in SP1a. What do you think?

Angel Espinoza said...
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Angel Espinoza said...

Hello Dominick, Thanks. You are correct there were 2 more items under Pipes that I had counted but I failed to list in the blog post. Great catch on the Survey item. One item was taken away and one was appartently added.