Thursday, June 22, 2006

SP1A Coming Soon & Misinformation

It seems that some users have been told to not install SP1 because it breaks "existing things that work" while attempting to fix others.

Additionally, these same people are being told that once SP1 is installed in order to install SP1A (due any day now) they will have to do a full product uninstall, reinstall, then apply SP1A.

The second item is completely incorrect. Dan Philbrick, Autodesk Civil 3D Development Manager, has stated in the Discussion Groups the following:

First Comment from Dan-
You will not have to install SP1 first. SP1A will include all of the fixes
in SP1.

If you have already installed SP1, you can apply SP1A and get the fix to the
parcel labeling scaling issue.

Second Comment from Dan-
The SP1A is going to resolve the parcel label scaling issue in Paperspace.
You will not have to remove the SP1. SP1A will apply to a computer with SP1
already installed.

Back to the first item, it is partially incorrect in that SP1A will address one item that SP1 broke. The problem created has to do with parcel labels not being visible in Layout Viewports. This was mentioned here on Monday June 19th, as was the workaround.

I believe users absolutely do benefit from installing SP1 and they can use the workaround if necessary. If SP1A comes out soon this issues will go away.

However this brings up the main reason for this post. It is difficult enough determining courses of action without getting wrong or bad information from sources that are considered trusted.

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