Friday, August 20, 2004

Do It With Style

One of the most important aspects to Autodesk Civil 3D is the concept of styles. Styles control the appearance of "Objects". At a later point I will list all of the Civil 3D "Objects". There are many.

All a user has to do to change the appearance of an object is change the style applied to the object. For instance, a Point Object's appearance is controlled by two styles. The first style applies to the point marker. The second applies to the point label (the text). Changing one or both changes what it looks like.

Styles can be applied to points in various ways. Default styles will apply to all points at the moment of creation. Styles can be applied to a point group. Styles can be applied to individual points. This gives the user tremendous flexibility for controlling the appearance of points.

So, one of the more important goals in using Autodesk Civil 3D is to learn how to create, manage, and use styles for the various "Objects" within the program.

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