Thursday, June 25, 2009

Web-Based Civil 3D Documentation

I do not know how long this has been available but the entire set of Civil 3D 2010 documentation is available in a web-based version (not as pdf's which are here).

This means that web searches should include this information.

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Web-Based Map 3D Documentation

Previously, we have been able to get to on-line pdf versions of the Map 3D Documentation. just like we can get to on-line pdf versions of the Civil 3D Documentation.

But now we can get to web-based versions of the Map 3D Documentation. For some this may be an easier way to read this information. More importantly, this means that web searches will include this information.

I highly recommend that you specifically look at "GIS Skills for Engineers" (the bottom most book). This documentation set contains animations (the "Show me how to..." links). These can be very helpful.

Do not forget that we can get to two version of the Map ribbons by changing our workspace to either:

  1. Tool-based Geospatial
  2. Task-based Geospatial

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Civil Engineering Resource Center is Redesigned

I must say, I like the NEW look, and feel of the Civil Engineering Resource Center. There is a great deal of information like How To's, Webcasts, White Papers, the Ask Lucy sections, and much more.

Some of the information is shown in three industry segments:
  1. Transportation
  2. Land Development
  3. Environmental/Water
It is definitely worth a look.

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Tie a Ribbon around Civil 3D 2010 - the new user interface VIDEO

The title of this post is linked to a 25 minute YouTube video about the Civil 3D 2010 NEW ribbon interface. It has some great explanations, tips and answers some anticipated questions.

I highly recommend the viewing of this video!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Old Styles Are Back Again

A friend just mentioned that...

AutoCAD Land Desktop Style Converter Extension for AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D 2010

... was now available for download at the Autodesk Subscription Center

This extension converts some Land Desktop styles and/or project settings for:

Layers and text styles
Line, curve and spirals
Contours and surfaces
Alignments, profiles and pipes

and creates equivalent Civil 3D styles and settings via a wizard. I recommend that you download this extension and give it a try.

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