Tuesday, July 26, 2005

AUGI Cad Camp Update

It turns out that I will be conducting courses at the AUGI Cad Camp to be held here in Orange County, California on Tuesday August 16, 2005. The Cad Camp will be held in the Titan Student Union on the California State University, Fullerton campus.

I will be the instructor for "Civil 3D Corridors - All Roads Lead to Intersections" S2-3. I will also be co-presenting with John Rodriguez in LDt 2006 "Calculate Earthwork Volumes - It's Not a Dirty Job" S4-3.

Click the title of this post to visit the AUGI Cad Camp website.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Degree Symbol

Someone was recently inquiring about the display of the degree symbol. Most people are aware that entering %%d will display it within text fonts that support it. In this particular case, because the user was attempting to show a degree symbol within "Curve Text" %%d would not do.

Here is another way to show the degree symbol. This is from the Autodesk knowledge base.

1. With Numeric Lock enabled on the numeric keypad, press and hold the ALT key and then press 0,1,7, and 6 on the numeric keypad.

2. Release the ALT key.

Note: The numeric keypad is necessary.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Updated Civil 3D Help Documentation

Autodesk has made available updated Help documentation for Pipe Networks and Subassemblies. These files include a series of minor corrections and minor enhancements to the documentation.

The Pipe Network section has new information on how to edit pipe family sizes.

The Subassemblies portion now also updates the .PDF found in Help that describes the stock subassemblies. If you are curious it is 306 pages long. It is also very useful.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

LDt Point Conversion Utility

Autodesk released today a utility that will allow a user to convert Land Desktop "Point Objects" that exist in a drawing opened by Civil 3D, into Civil 3D "Point Objects".

Once the utility is loaded a user initiates it with the ConvertLDTPoints Command.

In order to properly install the utility a user should have Civil 3D 2006 with SP1 installed, and either Land Destop 2006 or the Land Desktop 2006 Object Enabler.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Back to Basics - Part I (Objects)

Civil 3D 2006 creates 26 OBJECTS. They are the following:

Alignment Table
Corridor Section
Feature Line
Grid Surface
Parcel Segment
Parcel Table
Pipe Network Section
Pipe and/or Structure Profile
Point Group
Point Table
Profile View
Sample Line
Section View
Surface Legend Table
Tin Surface

Friday, July 01, 2005

Clarification Thank You!

I would like to thank Himanshu Gohel, Civil3D Software Developer, for a clarification he provided. Yesterday, I mentioned that the Service Pack Readme file contained information about Osnap behavior with Profile Objects & Views (I referred to it as new behavior). Per Himanshu's clarification the information is a Documentation Supplement (missing information from Help). The behavior already existed but was not documented. Thanks again!