Friday, November 20, 2009

Civil 3D & Windows 7

It is now official that Civil 3D supports Windows 7. The title of this post links to the "System Requirements" page for Civil 3D that now includes Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Home Premium.

Windows 7 and plenty of RAM help eliminate "Out of Memory" errors that some users experience.

There have been some users that have been waiting for this information.

For a list of Autodesk applications that support Windows 7 click here.

Be Better! windows of opportunities.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Autodesk Guide to Sustainable Design

It seems that just about every conversation that I have had recently involves either the subject of Sustainable Design or Building Information Modeling (BIM).

For those that would like a brief primer about Sustainable Design the Autodesk website includes a newly modified "Autodesk Guide to Sustainable Design for Architecture, Engineering and Construction".

This guide provides content and best practices for various phases of a "New Construction" project such as...

Requirements Development
Detailed Design
Implementation Documentation
Operate & Maintain

or for a "Renovation" project like...

Existing Conditions
Preliminary Analysis
Detailed Analysis
Operate and Maintain

...each phase contains detailed information with regards to "Design Decisions", "How to", and "Autodesk Tools".

This will provide a good understanding about how Sustainable Design can be accomplished during the life cycle of a project.

Be Better! green by design.

Autodesk Labs Provides Bridge Modeler for Civil 3D

Autodesk Labs, which provides access to previews of new technology, has made available "Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010". This preview add-on can be installed on Civil 3D 2010 and Civil 2010.

The overview states:

"Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 is a Civil 3D add-in module which can create simplified bridges directly from a Civil 3D corridor object. It is a technology preview project at Autodesk Labs derived from a subset of Bridge Extension for Revit Structure 2010, a part of Subscription Advantage Pack 2010, which provides more robust bridge modeling capability and works with Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010.

With this add-on, Highway Engineers and Bridge Engineers are treated separately to assume requirements for design practice and preference of technologies. For more information, see the Getting Started Guide (PDF).

The Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D expires on March 15, 2010."

The intention of a technology preview is for anyone, that wishes, to use the technology and provide feedback to help shape how it evolves.

Be Better! bridges whenever possible.