Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Parcel Labels Part II

I used to believe that in Autodesk Civil 3D 2005 it was only possible to change the area labels of parcels one at a time. What that means is that if I labeled many lots and then created a new label style, I would only be able to change the labels one at a time to the new style.

Well, after some clues found in the Discussion Groups I found that if I selected multiple lots in the Toolspace then Right-Clicked on the column that I wished to change, i.e. "Area Label Style", I could then choose "Edit..." This would bring up the "Select Label Style" dialog box. When a style is selected and the "OK" button is pressed, that style would be assigned to ALL of the selected Parcels.

This removes one item from my wishlist.


Wes Ashworth said...

Angel, How do you select multiple lots in toolspace? it only let's me select one at a time, even if I hold control down.


Wes Ashworth said...

OK, I researched and discovered the "Edit Parcel properties" menu item in the Parcels pulldown. This does what I want in Civil 3d 2008.