Thursday, August 11, 2005

Isolate Object(s)

Have you ever noticed a small "YELLOW" light bulb in the lower right hand corner of your application? If you select it you will be given the choice in a shortcut menu to:

Isolate Objects
Hide Objects

If you select one of these choices you will then be prompted to "Select Objects". When you are through selecting objects and press the Enter Key the objects you selected are either isolated (everything else is not displayed) or hidden (the objects you selected are not displayed).

This happens irrespective of the layering schemes. This means many objects that share a single layer can be turned on and off individually.

The light bulb is "RED" when the user has any objects isolated or hidden. The process can be continued as desired. To end this situation pick the now "RED" light bulb and select "End Object Isolation" from the shortcut menu.

This funtionality is typically intended to be used for short term visual clarity. The Isolation & Hiding of objects is retained from session to session if the user forgets to "End Object Isolation"