Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Screen Real Estate

Last week, I was doing training at a client's location out of town. They arranged for a conference room where they brought in their individual workstations. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I walked in and saw 18 flat screen monitors for 9 students.

Yes, everyone of them was using dual screens. Most had dual 19" screens. Some had dual 21" screens. At relatively high resolutions there was PLENTY of screen space to divide up the Model Space into multiple vports and see them all very clearly. On the second screen many palettes and toolbars were always open, available, and ready for immediate use. No screen space juggling needed.

This definately reinforced the commonly held understanding that, if possible, dual screen are the way to go.

Those organizations that are currently spec'ing new systems should take this into account.


Anonymous said...

Having used dual 19s for the past 4 months now I can say that It is by far the best way to go. I have my drawing window open on the left monitor with tool bars all around with command window, tool space, properties window, design center, and catalog up in the right. Some of the windows like are set to auto hide to further maximize space use. All of the windows behave by remembering where they were when the last session ended except for the toolspace which insists on locating itself in the middle of the drawing area. Dual monitors should be listed as a minimum requirement!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting our office. Your training was a great help in our first step to Civil 3D.

Anonymous said...
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Bridger2cmu said...

Yes, I agree that 2-screens is the only way to go for intensive drafting and CAD design with Civil 3D. Right now in the City of Fullerton, I was the first one to be outfitted with the dual-screen setup. Needless to say, everyone who spends a lot of time on a computer loves how much extra screen real estate is available.