Friday, June 22, 2007

New! Civil 3D Resource Center

I was a little out of the loop as to when this was officially launched, but Autodesk (yes Autodesk, I do not start until Monday) has provided a new resource for those that are just beginning to acquire information about Civil 3D. The site is the AutoCAD Civil 3D Resource Center. Toby Jutras mentioned it during today's webcast.

This site contains tutorials, FAQ's, customer success stories, whitepapers, and links to other items such as the recorded webcasts (I have tried to see every one).

I have not been through this entire site, but I hope to very soon.

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JohnBAnimatin said...

Good luck Angel. Autodesk is lucky to have you. Your blog has been one of the best Ive found on Civil3D and I hope you can still find the time to keep it going. John