Friday, August 17, 2007


Today, in the discussion groups user "sinc" (I believe that that is James Sincovec, P.L.S. or perhaps Richard J. Sincovec, LSI) posted a link to a URL that contains a collection of Civil 3D utilities. After briefly reviewing the list I thought that there would be Civil 3D users out there that would find them useful. A couple of the listed routines that caught my attention are...

PARCELOFFSET (alias POS) - Creates offsets at various distances around a parcels.
PT2FEATURE - Datum-adjusts existing point, based on existing linework.

This collection of utilities address: Surfaces, Parcels, Alignment, Profiles, Survey Figures, Feature Lines, Points

There is a download for 2007 and one for 2008.

As with any product or application particularly 3rd party stuff care and security should be taken when using them (typical disclaimer here...).

Thanks to James and all involved for sharing!

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