Monday, April 06, 2009

Autodesk Pitches In

Today, Autodesk, Inc announced the Autodesk Assistance Program, designed to help displaced workers. I am sure that you will see and hear much more about this from multiple sources.

The title of this post is linked to the webpage where potential participants can sign-up and then download a 13-month student licence of AutoCAD Civil 3D (or other software), obtain free on-demand training (24-7) via Retrieve Technologies, Inc. vBooks, get information about reduced-cost (or free) classroom training at reseller facilities, and see info regarding getting a certification at an extremely nominal cost.

In this YouTube video Senior Vice President Steve Blum provides detailed information about this program. An FAQ pdf is also available.

Be Better!... Invest in yourself and others.


Chuck Lamping, PE said...

Should we be reminding people to not bring drawings created with the studen version into the workplace? I don't want to get drawings with the "Student Version" stamp on them.

Angel Espinoza said...

Thank you Chuck.

I will mention it here and also with a separate post.

Any object/entity that exists in any drawing opened or saved with the student version will carry with it a water mark that will appear when that drawing is plotted.

This is so educational versions are truly only used for educational purposes.

On a few occasions people have unadvisedly done production work with these versions and have embedded the watermark into production drawings.


This has caused tremendous problems for organizations that were the victims of someone illegally using the educational versions.

The only process to remove the watermark is to get Autodesk involved.

More recent version of all Autodesk software make it very apparent when the Student watermark is present, or will be introduced.

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