Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Civil 3D 2010 Style Creation Wizard

Recently a new extension called the "Style Creation Wizard" was made available. It is intended for small companies (1-5 seats) in order to help them create fundamental styles, for the more commonly used object types (see image above), very easily.

The Style Creation Wizard will, in a simple interface, walk a user through a few screens that will generate a new simple style from their responses for layers, colors, fonts, linetypes, etc. A detailed understanding of the actual Civil 3D 2010 styles creation process is not needed, and many of the needed styles when starting with Civil 3D can be created by this wizard.

So if you or your organization...

...is having difficulty defining needed styles or
...can't afford to hire someone to create needed styles or
...does not want to use the out of the box layers (National CAD Standards based)

...then you should try this extension.

Instructions for use:

Download Setup.zip-1.zip

Download the attached “Setup.zip-1.zip” file to your machine (some may have to remove the .txt extension depending upon browser).
Extract the files from the zip file to a folder.
Double click on the “Setup.exe” file to install

Launch Civil 3D and type the command AeccXStyleWizard on the command line.
Follow the specific instructions detailed at each step of the style creation process.

Lastly, as users become more capable with the style creation process, these newly created styles can then be modified through traditional means and made more sophisticated.

Be Better! ...be a wizard at creating styles.


Anonymous said...

Good! Thanks!

Rebecca Arsham said...

Very Nice! Thanks for the tip Angel.