Friday, November 20, 2009

Civil 3D & Windows 7

It is now official that Civil 3D supports Windows 7. The title of this post links to the "System Requirements" page for Civil 3D that now includes Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Home Premium.

Windows 7 and plenty of RAM help eliminate "Out of Memory" errors that some users experience.

There have been some users that have been waiting for this information.

For a list of Autodesk applications that support Windows 7 click here.

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cad drafting said...

This information is quite good.I would like to know advantages of this.

Angel Espinoza said...

With the availability of RAM far beyond the 2GB limit per application that Window XP-32bit imposes, many larger datasets will be able to be handled by AutoCAD Civil 3D without running out of memory and the resulting crash.