Tuesday, November 08, 2005

DWG TrueConvert

Released yesterday this NEW utility allows users to convert any previous DWG format to AutoCAD release 14, 2000, or 2004 DWG formats.

The primary difference between DWG TrueConvert and the previous batch drawing converters is that you no longer have to have an AutoCAD based software installed on your computer in order to do the conversion.

Because DWG TrueConvert uses the same DWG engine as AutoCAD it creates the same results as the SAVEAS command.

Special consideration should be taken for drawings that contain custom objects (read Civil 3D drawings) when they are converted to older versions. If no preparation is done custom objects will be represented by proxy graphics (assuming proxygraphics was turned on originally).

It may be desireable to use the EXPORTTOAUTOCAD2004 or EXPORTTOAUTOCAD2000 commands in Civil 3D 2006 to produce a drawing that contains only AutoCAD objects before conversion.

Note: DWG TrueConvert should not be used to convert older drawings with custom objects to a newer version. Because custom objects are NOT addressed by DWG TrueConvert unexpected results may occur when this scenario is persued.

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