Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stating the Obvious

Everywhere one looks nowadays civil engineering companies are looking to hire staff to fulfill the demand in the industry. As a matter of fact many companies are finding that the quickest way to fill the shortage of employees is to buy another firm. Which obviously does not solve the problem for the industry.

In general, civil engineering positions are readily available and companies are competing to attract new hires.

Sadly, the shortage of new hires appears that it will only get worse. As baby boomers begin to reach retirement age this will further stress the industry.

Why do I mention this? It has certainly been a lot on my mind lately as we have been getting more and more clients that inquire if we know of any available prospects. While at the same time we have job openings and are attempting to hire also.

Back to my point. Companies are finding that they have to do more with their existing staffs. This is being addressed with increased user training and the use of "NEW" tools like Civil 3D.

Properly applied Civil 3D can provide companies the ability to accomplish more, better, with less.

The title of this post is linked to a site that offers information to new graduates in civil engineering. While some of the information is slightly dated. It is no less relevent.

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