Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Civil 3D 101 - The First Decision

Things seem to be turning a corner. Many organizations are making their first forays into using Civil 3D. They are perhaps hearing of others having success with their efforts, however small, with Civil 3D.

So how does one begin? With Training.

No, how does one begin to use the product? Oh, well once we launch Civil 3D 2007 we have to begin a new drawing preferably from a template. Our chooses are:

_Autodesk Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS Base.dwt - Contains one, and typically only one, style named BASIC for every style-able object. (221 KB)

_Autodesk Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS Classic.dwt - Contains many styles per style-able object. Contains certain styles that mimic Land Desktop as much as possible. (433 KB)

_Autodesk Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS Extended.dwt - Contains many styles per style-able object. (430 KB)

All styles use layers based on the National CAD Standards.

If no custom styles are available I tend to start with the third template.

Oh, I did not mention that there are three equivalent templates for METRIC drawing.

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