Monday, March 19, 2007

Brought To You By... AutoCAD 2008

This post is in case some of this information has been missed by anyone.

All of the following should be available in Civil 3D 2008, because these items are available in AutoCAD 2008:

Annotation Scaling: Similar to automatic label scaling, but for text, mtext, dimensions, etc.
Layer Properties per Viewport: Override layer color, linetype, lineweight, or plot style per viewport.
Enhanced Tables: Co-mingle object information with Excel data easily, plus update notifications.
Text Formatting: Mtext columns support with many new options.
Multiple Leader Creation: Many ways to create multiple segment leaders from a single note.
Multiple Leader Alignment: Align and/or space multiple notes and leaders after creation.
Multiple Line Mtext Attributes: Mtext in Attributes.
DGN Support: Import, Export, and Underlay DGN 8 and XM files.

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