Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AU on an Ipod

Did you know that you can subscribe to Autodesk University 2007 audio podcasts at the iTunes store? These podcasts can then be synchronized and listened to on any iPod at convenient times. (I can hear you now, and YES, I do have a life. I also spend a fair amount of time traveling... you get the point)

As a matter of fact you can find session from 5 different tracks. They are...


Unfortunately, this list is in popularity order as listed by iTunes. Apparently, there have not been many subscribers to the Civil Sessions. Let's see if we can change that.

The first podcast that I had available was Dana Probert's "Using Civil 3D 2008 for Stormwater Management Tasks Part I". It was a 1 hour 23 minute session.

The second session was Ian McGregor's "Civil 3D Vault & Design Review: A Workflow". This session was co-presented by Jack Strongitharm, Nick Zeeben and Pete Kelsey (talk about an allstar line-up). It was 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

I mention this because I have been exploring methods of learning that may not be so obvious, but would be very convenient, such as YouTube. There are lots of ways to learn. If you have other ways that you find helpful, may I impose upon you to share them with me. One method to do so is to add them as comments. I would appreciate it.

Be Better... than the competition!


Anonymous said...

What those using a Zune?

Mike and Elsy said...

Can an podcast get downloaded to a device other than an IPod?