Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 Top Five

Among the many enhancements, and new features of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 these are the five items that I think will have the most impact on users, procedures, or workflows...
  1. Labeling objects through XRefs (some users will not even need to use shortcuts because of this)
  2. Data Shortcuts in the Prospector (a cross between the vault interface and legacy shortcuts)
  3. Memory Managed Surfaces (if over 2 million points, users get the option to save surface to .ssm file - external to drawing, freeing up memory)
  4. Dynamic Feature Lines from Corridors (can be used as baselines for gradings, replacing daylight subassemblies in certain cases)
  5. Criteria Based Design for Alignments and Profiles (displays warning markers if criterion is violated e.g. AASHTO values)

Deserving of honorable mention (due to southwestern US design requirements) is the "Stacked Profiles" or 3-Line Profiles (can actually stack upto 9 profiles). This has been a MUCH wanted ability around these here parts.

Honorable mention also goes to expansion and compaction factors in earthwork volume calculations and volume surfaces.

There are many other items, these are just what I think will rise to the top on user lists.

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Anonymous said...

Would you say Civil 3D would be a good match for 3D architectural illustrators? I don't here civil 3D mentioned often in the forums I hang in and I would be interested to hear peoples opinions here.

Bobby W Parker

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