Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dana's New Blog

There have been many people that have, and that do, blog about Civil 3D. Collectively, everyone has shared a tremendous amount of knowledge, best practices, how to's, and much, much, more.

One of my favorite Civil 3D bloggers has been Dana Probert. She has always found creative and humorous ways to give her valuable insight to the rest of us.

Well, she has begun a NEW blog titled "BIM on the Rocks". I highly encourage you to visit this site and see what she has to say (and how she says it).

I particularly like the title because BIM is changing the way many leading companies are doing their work. (Oh, and the title is not "Bimonth eRocks" which was how I first read the address. Sorry Dana.)

I am currently subscribed to over 70 different Civil 3D related blogs. Unfortunately, quite a number of these are no longer active, but I do not unsubscribe because some of the info in the newsreader is still very helpful. I have not added most of the links to the list on the left (time limitations, sorry). If you know of a Civil 3D related blog that you would like Civil 3D users to know about add a comment to this post.

Be Better!... Share Knowledge.


Unknown said...

I'll plug our Autodesk blog, Product Support at your service!

Being Civil at

Brian Kling
Autodesk Product Support

Angel Espinoza said...

Thanks Brian,

Being Civil, is among my favorites. I like the frequency that posts have been published.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing ur knowledge