Friday, March 24, 2006

2007 Video Card Support

The title of this post gets us to an Autodesk website page where we can check the status of our video cards as to whether or not they are supported by the NEW 3D display capabilities of the 2007 family of products.

I believe my current laptop falls into the "Supported, not recommended" range.

Thanks to Josh Nelson of CNC Engineering, City of Industry, and a C3 member for bringing this to my attention.


Chuck Fisher said...

So what does it mean to have a video card listed as not supported for the gooch hardware shader, full shadow display, or smooth line display? I wonder if I will be ok while in 2d but as soon as I try to orbit or render the system will tweak?

Oh well more hardware to buy, at least Autodesk spread the word well in advance.

Bill said...

I'm buying a new laptop. It will occasionally run AutoCAD 2007 (Architectural Desktop 2007) when I bring work home, so 4-8 hours a week. Any advice on "how much" computer to buy? RAM, is 1GB enough? What about video cards? I'd like to avoid "supported, but not recommended" status.


Angel Espinoza said...

Chuck, That is exactly what it means. You will be fine in 2D, but the moment you try something that involves the new render engine there may be slowness or problems.

Bill, I did reply to the direct email, but here is a recap. The specifications for Architectural Desktop 2007 say 2GB RAM and 128 MB or greater, and an OpenGL®-capable workstation-class graphics card. They also state Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, 3 GHz or greater.