Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Civil 3D 2007 Preview - Labels

While working with styles it has often been wished that we could start a new component from an already existing component, because they are already near what we will need. Well, new for Civil 3D 2007 we will have the option to "Copy Component". This will create a new component named "Copy of..." that can then be modified.

This is another wishlist item CHECKED OFF the list.

By the way, there is also the new ability to apply a "Background Mask" as a part of the label (I had mentioned this is a previous post).

This makes TWO items CHECKED OFF. Excellent.


Constant Reader Chuck said...

We all know we want it, so the question becomes WHEN will we get it?

You wrote a week ago "shipping in the next month or two." Have you seen or heard anything that changes this?

Thanks for the information.

Constant Reader Chuck

Angel Espinoza said...

The exact day may move, but I see everything pointing to right around Tax Day(April 14thish).

That means that, barring major delays, those that are on subscription will get theirs mailed to them directly from Autodesk around that date.

Trung said...

I think the "mask" feature for labels is a great new feature. I've been doing a manual mask for my labels since we got C3D in Nov. I only wish the labels supported object snaps as well as more flexible support for dragged state labels.