Thursday, March 02, 2006

Civil 3D 2007 - Continued

Well, the first day of glimpses seemed to provide a much appreciated set of initial looks. Lets start taking closer brief looks at ceratin components.

Project Management:
Yesterday, I mentioned that Autodesk Vault Functionality will now be the main process to manage a project. How does that work? Vault can create projects, user accounts and databases. User can then log on from the Toolspace Prospector tab in the Master View. Projects will usually need subfolders to properly organize drawings. Any files that contain data that is needed (ie. xrefs, images, surface data) are automatically added to the project. DWF's are also automatically created in the backgroung and are used to preview files. Lastly, there is an "Add Drawing to Project" wizard that allows users to select dependencies and omit data that they do not want added to the project.

To be continued...

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