Friday, March 17, 2006

New Civil 3D Discussion Group

There is a new Discussion Group available from Autodesk. It's name is "Civil 3D Wishes". You can find a link in the left hand column of this blog or you can use a news reader and point to "autodesk.civil3d.wishes".

As the name implies we can post our wishes for Civil 3D. They are asking for input, and Autodesk says that Product Management, Product Design, Development, and Testing will be watching. I hope it is well used and listened to.


Anonymous said...

How do you typically view this discussion groups (RSS feed, etc.)?

Angel Espinoza said...

I typically read them via Outlook Express. Unfortunely, it misses a few post from time to time. From you see them all but it is less user friendly. I use a RSS feed for the discussion group but I rarely read it via that method.