Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What are Workspaces?

The Autodesk 2006 family of products, including Civil 3D 2006, have a new way to manage how the program looks and how we change the appearance and location of things like toolbars.

Workspaces control MENUS, TOOLBARS, and DOCKABLE WINDOWS. They can more easily manage task-oriented configurations than the profiles that we may have used in previous versions to accomplish the same thing.

We can now configure the visibility and location of the toolbars for when we do a specific activity like Annotation/Dimensioning and then save a "Workspace". When we need to insert blocks we may configure the screen differently and then save another "Workspace".

The Workspace Pulldown on the Workspace Toolbar allows us to reconfigure the screen on the fly. This is more efficient than the "Profiles" method that we may have used before because we do not manage directories, settings, and other values with Workspaces.

Lastly, Workspaces are a part of the Customize User Interface (CUI) that I mentioned on the 17th of this month. It will be much easier to migrate and manage these from now on.

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