Thursday, March 17, 2005

Migrating Customization to 2006

Autodesk is making it easier for many users to migrate their customized tools to a 2006 based version of their software.

Firstly, during installation there is an new automated tool that can read existing customized menus and toolbars and transfers them to the new 2006 installation.

Secondly, the Customization User Interface (CUI) is an XML based file that will keep track of the customized user interface elements. This is a single interface that manages all of the following:

Short Cut Menus
Workspaces (NEW ITEM)
Keyboard Shortcuts
Mouse Buttons
Lisp Files
adds tooltips
adds descriptive text on the stauts line.

There are both MAIN CUI files which are editable per user and ENTERPRISE CUI files, which will be read-only and typically controlled by a CAD Manager, that are available to all in a shared fashion.

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