Monday, October 03, 2005

Tooltip Accuracy

Most Civil 3D users have encountered the tooltips. You just hover over or near a Civil 3D object and you get information related to the object(s) such as elevation, Station, Offset, at the location of the crosshairs. Some users have occasionally asked how do I get this information at an exact location?

This is one option:

Use an OSNAP to select the desired location.
Now, make sure SNAP is now on and Hover at desired location.
When done set SNAPBASE back to 0,0

Note: Setting snap to 10 or higher will guarantee you remain at the desired location without wandering.

I will post about managing tooltips at another time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For a quick and dirty method (but still pretty accurate), I find that zooming in to the point where even slight movements of the pointer doesn't change the value that you are looking for works pretty good. Of course if you have your precision setup so that you are looking at more than 2 decimal places, then you'll have to zoom in further, but for two decimal places you shouldn't have to zoom in too far. The only place that this could be more difficult would be if you are trying to look at nearly vertical faces (i.e. a curbface). If you have nearly vertical faces, slight movements of the cursor would make a big difference.

Keep up the good blog. It has been very helpful.

Josh Nelson