Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lost and Found: Panorama Window and it's Vistas

It is interesting how things occur in clumps. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Anyways, It was curious a few days ago when several users posted to discussion groups about the following issue and I received a phone call and an e-mail about the same thing.

Scenario: A user attempts to edit an alignment via the align grid view or edit a point. Both of these actions should open the "Panorama" window. The user should then see different tabs (Vistas) for the editor that they requested. Instead nothing appears to happen and the user is unable to proceed as intended.

Solution: The Panorama window was unintentionally docked. To undock it and make it visible the user should...

Unmaximize the drawing window. The "Panorama" window will be visible. Undock "Panorama" Window. Maximize drawing window.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

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