Friday, October 14, 2005

Map 3D Mini Demonstrations

Not all Civil 3D users know that it is built on top of Map 3D which itself is built on top of AutoCAD. This means that the capabilities of Map 3D are available to Civil 3D users.

For those users that do not know much about Map 3D the title of this post is linked to an Autodesk webpage that contains ten 1-3 minute mini demonstrations showing some of the Map 3D capabilities. Two that are of particular interest are:

Drawing Cleanup
3D Surfaces

Drawing Cleanup because it can greatly increase the users ability to fix drawings with errors, and 3D surfaces because Map 3D surfaces are the same as Civil 3D surfaces.

If nothing else a user should know about the bells and whistles even if they will never use them. Although, with some progressive thinking and a little bit of initiative users may see the usefulness for a whistle here or a bell there.

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