Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Curve Solver Utility

Several Civil 3D users had requested a curve solver tool similar to what is available in Land Desktop. Well Peter Funk, of Autodesk, provided a .dvb tool that can be loaded to the "Toolbox", which is a tab of the "Toolspace".

In order to use this tools we need to...

1. Download "Curve Solver" utility from the Civil 3D Community Utilities Page.
2. Unzip and store .dvb file.
3. Select "Toolbox" from the "General" Menu pulldown.
4. Select "Edit Toolbox content" icon (See image - second red icon).

5. In the "Toolbox Editor" vista of the "Panorama" create desired Categories.
6. In the "Toolbox Editor" vista of the "Panorama" Rt-click and choose "New Tool".
7. Configure new tool similar to image below.

8. Press Green Checkmark to save and close "Panorama".
9. Double-click tool in "Toolbox" to use.

Thanks Peter, this will help.


Angel Espinoza said...

Please note that in step 7 the Macro name should be "CurveSolver".

Anonymous said...

Be aware, while entering included angle you need to be entering decimal degrees and not degrees minutes seconds.


Anonymous said...

i am getting an error when i try to run this program

runtime error '2147467259 (80004005)'
problem in loading application
button to select are end or debug

when i go to debug

Public Sub CurveSolver()
Dim form As New CurveSolverForm

End Sub

the form.show from above is highlited

thanks allen

Angel Espinoza said...

Allen, This curve solver plug-in was for the 2007 version. If you are using 2008 select "Curve Calculator" under the "Line/Curves" menu pulldown.

Tom McGuigan said...

I have searched far and wide for this Curve Solver, and can't seem to find it. Can you provide a direct link to the download page for it, or provide the program on this site?

Angel Espinoza said...

In later versions of Civil 3D it is possible to type "CurveCalculator" at the command line to bring up the current version of the calculator.
The plug-in that was originally mention by this post was available for 2007. It was since included in Civil 3D.

Tom McGuigan said...

I found this lisp and dcl on autodesk's forum, and it does the job nicely.