Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vault 5 Service Pack 1 Guidance

I am just returning from an event where someone approached me well after to ask a question. This person had heard that Service Pack 1 was available for Vault 5. The question was "Should I install this service pack because the Readme file does not mention Civil 3D at all?"

My answer was based on the following comment by Anthony Governanti, Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager, in the discussion groups on September 5th, 2006.

"Just a quick update on this; we are still working through the testing on the Vault sp on Civil 3D. For now, please do not install the patch until we make an announcement and give the go ahead."

At the moment, this is the last information that I have heard or read about this matter, and until told otherwise I suggest that it be the current coarse of action.

If anyone else has any sort of update many would benefit from this sharing.

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Anonymous said...

We still need to have users hold off on installing the Vault Service Pack until we release another service pack for Civil 3D. Essentially, the Vault service pack will update things on the server, which may cause a conflict with the clients until they are updated to deal with the fixes. So for now, please wait to install Vault SP1 until Autodesk makes an official announcement.